What's in a name?
Syn´to`ny (noun)
1. (Physics) State of being adjusted to a certain wave length; agreement or tuning between the time period of an apparatus emitting electric oscillations and that of a receiving apparatus, esp. in wireless telegraphy. Derived from the Greek word 'syntonia' or agreement [syn- together + tonos a tone]. 1913 Edition of Webster's Dictionary.

2. Evolutionary systems thinking:
Evolutionary consonance; a creative aligning and tuning with the evolutionary processes. Conscious intention aligned with evolutionary purpose.
Our name pronounced phonetically sounds like "Sin-Toe-Knee" or "Sin-ton-nee"

The most common usage of this word in modern times was found in early 20th century radio vernacular.
It described the process of tuning all receiver circuit stages from antenna to detector into a syntonic state or optimal resonant coupling between. Since receivers at that time lacked down conversion circuitry commonly known as mixers today, it required skill and patience to tune in any given station.
So why did we chose this name for our company?

It's an embodiment of the two definitions: Tuning + Evolution. That is, we at Syntony Engineering strive to "tune in" to our customers needs by assisting them to evolve their electronic designs, from concept all the way to production.
Syntony Engineering was founded in 2007 by Joe Desimone in Jamestown, Colorado.

After working for +25 years in various fields of electronic engineering including broadcast, semiconductor, instrumentation, test & measurement, Wireless/RFID, embedded product development, and PCB design, Joe started Syntony Engineering as a way to capitalize on his unique and broad technical skill set.
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