Prototype Development
Wireless sensing, instrumentation, and RFID development in the 134kHz, 315-433MHz, 865-926MHz, 2450MHz ISM bands using active or passive short range radio technology. Applications include asset, animal, vehicle, tracking and environmental monitoring. In addition other mature technologies such as licensed radio, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Zig-Bee, Iridium, MEMS, and GPS are also utilized.
PCB Design
Embedded Firmware Development
Wireless Sensing, Instrumentation & RFID Design
Syntony Engineering offers a broad range of design services for customers who are looking for assistance in specific areas of electronic product development. These services include:
If you or your company has a design idea or an electronic product that requires assistance in transitioning from concept to a working hardware prototype, Syntony Engineering can provide this development service for you.
Syntony Engineering can provide design services for printed circuit board (PCB) development and fabrication. Current tool chains in use are Altium Designer 18, Proteus v8.0 from Labcenter Electronics, and OrCAD V9.2.3 from Cadence.
The large majority of products developed by Syntony Engineering utilize embedded microcontroller technology. As a consequence we can provide firmware development for 8-bit and 16-bit devices from many semiconductor manufacturers with Microchip PIC the most common. In addition 32-bit ARM Cortex M3-M4 microcontroller platforms are now being supported for small projects. All firmware is predominantly developed using C compilers, and on special request with BASIC for PIC 8-bit devices.
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